Meeting The Team

Today marked the first INK meeting of the project! I think it was a great success. I believe we have a strong team and some really excellent ideas were brought to the table. I have a feeling this may be the most creative INK yet!

But, not getting ahead of myself too soon, I’m here to offer you a little behind-the-scenes from our first exploratory steps into the creative process of publishing a student literary journal. For those of you who don’t know, INK is a student publication showcasing the best in creative writing, poetry, non-fiction, illustration, design and photography Plymouth University has to offer. It launches in spring 2016 and we are looking for submissions from all over the campus, from anyone and everyone who is creatively inclined.

Click here to find out how you can submit to INK 2016.

After some introductions and the setting down of a little production schedule and general expectations, we began to settle into a discussion about our initial ideas and thoughts. Whilst I already have several fixed ideas regarding the identity of the journal, this meeting was brilliantly thought provoking and the team proposed some ideas I’d never considered before. The response I received from the guys resounded with commitment to the content of the journal, and attention to detail, producing something of the utmost quality. I was so impressed! We were already seeing eye-to-eye.

This is my first time leading such a large group of people, but I couldn’t be more excited. We set a schedule, discussed some ideas for our theme and some great ideas came up including commissioning some visual work to go alongside our submissions, getting an advert up on the Big Screen and holding our own poetry reading evening on the run-up to the launch.

Above all, I want to make this an experience everyone can benefit from: me, the team, the University as a whole, as well as the talented contributors we are yet to see the work of: authors, artists, designers and poets alike. I would love for INK 2016 to be something we are all proud of – and I think we’re on to something good.

~ Aimee, Editor-in-Chief of INK 2016



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