Management Team Meet-Up

Today myself and Rob (Managing Editor), Elliott and Andy (Associate Editor and Assistant Associate Editors, respectively) met up for a casual drink to discuss the exciting potential of INK Journal 2016.

It was really nice for us all to have a general chat about our courses, dissertations and to get to know each other a little more before embarking on our journey as senior editors on the project. We talked a little about our roles and what we thought they might entail before getting round to pretty productive conversation including some ideas for INK’s marketing and publicity into the New Year (that we’re keeping firmly under our hats for the time being!).

The next step is getting our call for submissions out there – we can’t wait to see some amazing writing, poetry, art and design coming in in the next few months!

Click here to find out how you can submit to INK 2016.

~ Aimee, Editor-in-Chief of INK 2016



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