Creative Writing Workshop!

squid ink poster

Exciting activity is brewing under the surface of INK as we rush towards our submissions deadline! We’re running our first creative writing workshop for all students wanting to create work inspired by the natural world, one of our four thematic prompts (the others being Journey, Culture and Love). We’ve teamed up with Plymouth Uni’s Nature Writers group and are being hosted by the invaluable team at the Writing Café to bring you an afternoon of workshopping to inform and inspire your creative writing with the view to helping students create pieces to submit to INK 2016.

The Nature Writers are an existing group of BA Marine Biology students, led by Katharine Clayton (2nd year) and produce fortnightly nature writings focused on sites in and around Plymouth including, but not limited to, the coastline and the moors. What I love the most about this group is their ability to fuse science and art, something we are keen to embody with this year’s INK Journal, and beyond. We are very excited to transform INK in to a University effort and this could be that first step into achieving this.

Come along to the Writing Café on the 4th floor of Babbage on the Wednesday 17 February from 2pm – 4pm to see where your creative writing takes you

~ Aimee, Editor-in-Chief, INK Journal 2016



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