INK Journal Launch!

INK Journal 2016 is here!

Our chosen theme of New Beginnings, and its sub-themes of Love, Natural World, Culture and Journey, brought with them an influx of diversity and an overwhelming amount of submissions – we were so impressed with what we received this year. We read stories about your childhoods, poems about socks and nonfiction with vivid descriptions that transported us into the heart of nature. I want to thank everyone who contributed to INK this year; whether or not you appear in these pages, we appreciate every last one of you and your new beginnings.

This year also presented some new beginnings for INK itself. It saw us team up with the Marine School, run creative writing workshops with the Nature Writers group, and invited more students than ever to contribute to the journal, from Environmental Science scholars to Photography undergraduates. Our decision to incorporate the sadly unrealised Squid INK into our plans for the journal allowed us to make surprising connections and forge new campus-wide friendships, including the fantastic Learning Development team at the Writing Café who stepped in to host our writing workshops earlier this year.

As INK comes to the end of another annual transition from a collection of ideas to a finished product, I feel proud to reflect on what we have achieved on our journey to publication. In our efforts, we have endeavoured to secure the legacy of INK as a project that can can belong to the University as a whole, and that anyone can be a part of no matter what their academic background. We hope we have encouraged a potentially innumerable amount of students to give submitting to INK a go – after all, what have you got to lose?



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