INK is back for another year!

Published annually by the University of Plymouth Press, and supported by the English and Creative Writing Staff, INK is entirely managed and edited by Plymouth University students. As an artistic journal, INK features the student’s best work in poetry, art, illustration, fiction, creative non-fiction and photography.

Operating continuously for more than five years, the construction and launch of INK has become a staple component of the annual calendar. Since its original inception, the journal has evolved into one of Plymouth University’s most recognisable outputs, increasing its activity and notoriety with each edition. The mission statement has remained consistent throughout the journal’s history; to showcase the best creative work the students of Plymouth University have to offer.

The parameters, however, have expanded over time with Illustration and Photography gaining a more substantial place each year, thus broadening the journal’s celebration of creativity beyond solely that of writing. Even the written content itself has been subject to development, with the 2014 edition being the first to feature Creative Non-Fiction as an independent category. The decision to recognise this variety of literature as an entirely separate genre of writing reflects INK’s enthusiasm to keep with the current trends of the wider literary world while still remaining loyal to its core traditions.

INK exists, at its heart, to provide students from any course or academic background the chance to share their creative work, and each year the editorial team encourages and embraces as much variety as possible. Those lucky enough to have their work included become part of the University’s literary history, the back catalogue and quality of which only increases as INK successfully returns year after year.