Meet The Team

INK 2016 Expeditionary Team


General Editor: Aimee Dewar (MA Publishing) – Lead Adventurer and Chief Whip-Cracker.

Managing Editor: Robert Currall (MA Creating Writing) – Head Cartographer and Compass-Bearer.

Associate Editor: Elliott Simpson (BA English Literature) – Company Surgeon and Extractor of Truths.

Assistant Associate Editor: Andy Mills (MA Publishing) – Quartermaster and Sharpener of Wits.


Web Editors: Chris Hawkins and James Terris (MA Creative Writing) – (Un-)real Estate Agents.

Design and Illustration Editor: Rhiannon Izard (MA Publishing) – Reconnaissance and Optics.

Design and Illustration Editor: Maggie Niewiarowska (MA Publishing) – Foresight and Visual Heuristics.

Social Media Editors: Caitlin Pearce and Seren Kiremitcioglu (BA English Literature) – Network Navigators.

Genre Editors: 

Poetry editor: Naomi Steer (MA Creative Writing) – Inspector of Metre.

Asst poetry editor: Laura Reinbach (BA English and Creative Writing) – Examiner of Feet.

Fiction editor: Freya Cottrell (BA English) – Surveyor of Lies.

Asst fiction editor: Greta Galimberti (MA Creative Writing) – Trapper of Tales.

CNF editor: Sophie Holman (BA English) – Assembler of Facts.

Asst CNF editor: Erin Crocker (BA English and Creative Writing) – Compiler of Accounts.