Featured Artist – Claire Masters

Claire Masters is a BA Photography student in her third year of study. We chose to feature her as INKs standout artist and contributor to the journal, with her breathtaking photography gracing our chapter pages as well as her own two double-page spreads in the print journal. We absolutely love her work and she took some time to speak to us about her practice, below.

Small image 1


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© Claire Masters

My work explores the theme of ‘landscape’, particularly notions surrounding wilderness, place and space. Over the last year my work has attempted to look at the way in which human beings use and understand the landscape. I seek to answer the question of whether ‘true wilderness’ exists anymore, or has every corner of the planet been tainted in some way by human interference.

Stylistically, my work is very minimalistic. As a landscape photographer, my practice has gone beyond the superficial or picturesque landscapes we are all familiar with. I travel to remote landscapes such Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor.

To the viewer my work seems isolating and barren, however, it is not as it appears. This ancient landscape is steeped in history and over the years the moor has been shaped and re-shaped by humanity. Mankind and the landscape are in a constant state of transition, so naturally as human values change so too does the landscape, but at a much slower pace. Never the less the transition still takes place.

I use a Nikon D800 with a 50mm lens on site; this allows for fantastic detail. I print these images on large sheets of Rag paper, as I want to almost overwhelm the viewer. By transporting them into the landscape, I encourage the audience to think about their own sense of place, and what wilderness means to the individual.

~ Claire